[SNSD] “Mr. Taxi” - sexy black & yellow outfit

Stumbled upon this outfit while browsing Fashion4Us and immediately thought of “Mr. Taxi” since it’s yellow, black, and tight ^^;. It’s not exactly the same; this is more like a sexier cosplay/Halloween costume kind of look. We can try out an everyday “Mr. Taxi” look in the future if anyone is interested. But for now we give you this version of it:

A - New Black Vinyl Hat Rhinestone Cap Goth Biker Newsboy @ EBAY - USD 8.99
(there are 7 available)

B - Black Faux Leather Thigh High Platform Boots @ AMICLUBWEAR - USD 15.99

C - Sheer Lace college uniform vest Devil @ FASHION4US - USD 42.69

As always, feel free to share your links to similar things if you have any. Also let us know if you’d like to see an everyday approach to this. And for those of you who dress in men’s clothing, Soshi Styling has a great post for getting the all black Mr. Taxi outfits ;)

* Currency converter. Prices do not include shipping. The eBay item ships internationally, and here is the shipping info for Amiclubwear and Fashion4Us. Ebay can be in multiple languages, others are in English.

Some small updates

Just have some small updates right now.

First, added another pair of shoes to f(x) Hot Summer - Amber yellow and black outfit (110625). They are more similar to the shoes she is wearing (except they have color on the bottom and hers are all black). The website is in Japanese only though, so break out the Google translate if you can’t read it ;P

Second, on our page we have added links to other Kpop Fashion blogs on the right. If you know of other Kpop Fashion sites, let us know and we will add them in :)

Third, also added onto the right of our page, “Search by artist” with links to tagged posts by artists so it will be easier to look through our blog as we post more.

And last, we have added a page you should read before requesting. If you still have questions about requesting after reading that, ask away :)

That is all for now. Feel free to send in suggestions on how to improve our blog, or send in your style requests ^_^

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[4minute] Hyuna “Bubble Pop - 2 denim shorts MV outfits

So before we tell you all how to look as fabulously sexy as Hyuna in her “Bubble Pop” music video, we have something to say. Hyuna has been receiving a ton of hate for this MV. She has been slut-shamed like mad for her dancing and clothing because people have a problem with women being sexy. (Seriously, tell us how you can honestly not see a problem with calling Hyuna a whore for showing cleavage and legs and then in the same breathe swoon over Joon’s half-naked body!) We would like to take this time to say there is NOTHING dirty, wrong, or shameful about a women’s body (or anyone’s body for that matter!). There is nothing wrong with us showing our skin, no matter what amount we are showing. Before you open your mouth and insult a woman for not dressing in a way that YOU agree with, why don’t you shut up and take the time to think about why it is that you feel her body is so shameful and should be hidden, and why you don’t think that way about men.

Now with that said, today we have 2 different outfits from Hyuna’s MV for you all! Here’s how you can look super sexy sexy sexy fantabulousy super sexy like her:


Denim Jacket
A1 - Cotton Denim Jacket @ CHADWICKS - USD 16.99

Sheer Red Top (pair up with black bra or bikini top)
B1 - The Twisted Back Sheer Tank @ KARMALOOP - USD 22.00
(Not pictured) Sheer Jersey Racerback Tank @ AMERICAN APPAREL - USD 18.00 / CAD 20.00 / GBP 12.00 / EUR 18,00 / CHF 30.00 / JPY 2,350 / KRW 22,000 / AUD 29.00
(Not pictured) Sheer Jersey Cap Sleeve Raglan @ AMERICAN APPAREL - USD 18.00 / CAD 18.00 / GBP 12.00 / EUR 18,00 / CHF 30.00 / JPY 2,300 / KRW 22,000 / AUD 29.00

C1 - Classic Destroyed Denim Shorts @ FOREVER21 - USD 19.80 / CAD 23.80 / KRW 24,800
(Not pictured) Cuffed Denim Short w/ Plaid Lined Pockets @ FOREVER21 - USD 19.80 / CAD 23.80 / EUR 19.75 / GBP 16.75 / KRW 24,800 / JPY 1,980
(Not pictured) Fashion Style Pockets Embellished Jean Shorts Deep Blue @ SAMMYDRESS - USD 6.02

D1 - Ok, Hyuna is wearing what appears to be red/white polka dot (or heart print?) Converse All Stars. BUT they are not available on the Converse website or any other (English) shoe store that sells Converse that we looked at. HOWEVER, you can use their customize feature to create this shoe if you live in US or UK: GBP 60.00 or USD 67.00. (they do not allow international shipping for custom shoes)
For everyone else we offer some red/white polka dot flats:

(Not pictured) Red Polka Dot Mary Jane Flats @ HOT TOPIC - USD 12.50
(Not pictured) Red/White Polka Dot Peep Toe Flats @ HOT TOPIC - USD 19.99


Pink Top
- Tie Front Top @ YANDY - USD 15.95

Dark Blue Shorts
B2 - Celebrity Pink Jeans Shorts @ MACYS - USD 24.99
(Not pictured) MOTO Blue Black Denim Hotpants @ TOPSHOP - GBP 26.00

* Currency converter. Prices do not include shipping. Here is the shipping info for Chadwicks, Karmaloop, American Apparel Forever21, Hot Topic, Yandy, Macy’s, and TopShop. American Apparel and Forever21 are available in multiple languages, all others are English only.

If anyone has other links to similar items, please share :)! And remember, there is nothing wrong with showing off your body! Now excuse us as we do the bubble pop dance in our shortest shorts ;)
Hyuna bubble pop dance

[f(x)] Hot Summer - Amber yellow & black outfit (110625)

Copy that look: f(x)’s Amber dressed in yellow and black for a "Hot Summer" performance on June 25 2011.

A - Dodostyle V-Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt @ YESSTYLE - USD 12.60

B - City Streets® Super Skinny Yellow Jean @ JCPENNEY - USD 19.99
(Not pictured) City Streets® Yellow Studded Skinny @ JCPENNEY - USD 10.00
*both jeans are brighter in person*

C - Smash Pyramid Stud Moto Jacket @ BUCKLE - USD 51.96

D -Vans x Made Me Wellesley Black Shoe @ ZUMIEZ - USD 44.99
(Not pictured) Converse All Star Tumbler Hi @ RIPE - JPY 4,760

Okay so after hours and hours of searching, we had to give in and ignore our goal of $25USD per item. Seriously, are we just bad at this or are jackets and shoes always super expensive? T_T At least the ones we found are on sale though. If anyone finds anything similar for cheap, please share!

* Currency converter. Prices do not include shipping. Here is the shipping info for YesStyle, JCPenney, Buckle, Zumiez, and Ripe. YesStyle is available in Chinese (China & Taiwan), Ripe is Japanese, all other sites are English only.

updated 07/09/11 with Converse shoes @ RIPE.

erniebeee said: Request for that polka dotted Leather vest Key wore to their flight to Paris ^-^ Thank you! And othe Shinee clothing is fien too ^-^

Sorry but our main focus for now is clothing worn for song promotions rather than things like airport fashion, variety shows, etc. But here is a blog that you can ask about Key’s vest: http://kworldstyle.blogspot.com/
And if there’s any specific SHINee promotion clothing you’d like us to do we’d be more than happy to help :)

[After School] AH - JooYeon purple & white outfit

Copy that style: After School’s Lee JooYeon’s purple and white outfit from AH promotions.

- Adorable Crop Zipper Up TRIBLE Smile Print Drawstring Hoodie Jacket 3 Colors @ JACCO FASHION - US 22.99

B - Cut-Off Trim Athletic Short @ FOREVER21 - US 7.80 / CAD 9.80 / GBP 6.50 / EUR 7.75 / not available on Forever21 KOR or JPN
(Not pictured) Aero NY Terrycloth Shorts @ AEROPASTALE - US 7.99
(Not pictured) Soffe® Shorts Fashion Basics @ JCPENNEY - US 6.99

- Stripe Thigh-High Sock @ AMERICAN APPAREL - US 18.00 / CAD 20.00 / MXN 275 / BRL 50,000 / GBP 20.00 / EUR 19,00 / CHF 28.00 / JPY 1,900 / KRW 25,000 / AUD 24.00
(Not pictured) White Tube Socks @ KNEEHIGHSOCKS - US 6.99

- Black Canvas Lace Up Skate Punk Sneaker Flat Womens Knee High Boots @ DISCOUNT WOMENS SHOES - US 13.99
(Not pictured; pointy heels) Black Knee High Faux Leather Lace Up Heel Boots @ AMICLUBWEAR - US 12.99

Remember to share with us if you know other places to get similar clothes :)

* Currency converter. Prices do not include shipping. Here is the shipping info for Jacco Fashion, Forever21, Aeropastale, JCPenney, American Apparel, Knee High Socks, Discount Womens Dress Shoes and Amiclubwear. American Apparel is available in multiple languages, all others are English only. 

[4Minute] Mirror Mirror - metallic silver leggings

4Minute is no stranger to metallic leggings. For their “Mirror Mirror” promotions they wore metallic leggings once more, except this time in a shiny silver. Here’s some places to get them cheap:

A - The Wet Look Legging in Silver @ KARMALOOP - US 14.99
B - metallic cut-out side leggings @ GOJANE - US 20.70
C - Metallic Silver Footless Leggings @ LEGWEARUK - GBP 19.99
D - Leggings Silver Wet Look @ CX LONDON - GBP 16.00
E - Leggings, Sequin Silver @ VIKTOR VIKTORIA - US 14.99
F - Leggings, Silver Metallic @ VIKTOR VIKTORIA - US 19.99
G - Silver Leggings @ GIRLY NIGHT OUT - GBP 11.99

Let us know if you have links to other cheap metallic silver leggings ;)

* Currency converter. Prices do not include shipping. Here is the shipping info for  Karmaloop, Go Jane, Leg Wear UK, CX London, Viktor Viktoria, and Girly Night Out. All websites are in English.

[SNSD] OH! - tall pink boots

SNSD Oh! tall pink boots

Alright so boots tend to be very expensive, and most of the closer matches we found were $50+. However we are generally trying to keep things $25USD or less, so we have much less boots to show you. In fact two of these are a bit over $25 but we let it slide since cheap boots are hard to find T_T

We’ve included 2 pairs of boots without heels for the fans who don’t like heels ;)

A - Pink Suede Over The Knee Slouch Fashion Flat Womens Thigh High Boots @ DISCOUNT WOMENS DRESS SHOES - US 17.99
- Pink Suede Fold Over Slouch Round Toe Flat Womens Thigh High Boots @ DISCOUNT WOMENS DRESS SHOES - US 16.99

- Pink Suede Pointy Toe Slouch Tall High Heel Womens Knee High Boots @ DISCOUNT WOMENS DRESS SHOES - US 19.99 *
D - Fuchsia Velvet Ruched Knee High Platform Heel Boots @ AMICLUBWEAR - US 25.99
E - Pink Over knee High Heel Boots @ EBAY (sexyman12) - US 29.99 *

* C is only available in US size 6.5 and 10 on their store. You can also find size 12 on eBay for $26.99. E is available in size 5 and size 9.5.

Like we said, it was hard trying to find cheap boots that were a close match. Please share your links if you know of other places to find betters ones :)! Remember, we accept sites for all countries, in all languages!

* Currency converter. Prices do not include shipping. The eBay items ship internationally, and here is the shipping info for Discount Womens Dress Shoes and Amiclubwear. DWD Shoes and Amiclubwear are in English.

yuhaengie said: Are we allowed to request?

Yes :)

[5Dolls] Lip Stains - lip stain crop top

5Dolls "Lip Stain" promotions - lip stain crop top

5Dolls wore really cute lip stained crop tops for their “Lip Stains” promotions. This was surprisingly hard to find; many of the nice ones we found were no longer available online T_T. But we did manage to find the exact match for this one, although it’s only on eBay.

A - Black Lip Print Cropped Top @ WINDSOR - US 19.90

B - Lippy Crop Top (only in BLACK) @ MISS REBEL - GBP 6.99

C - H&M Lip Print Cropped Top @ EBAY (3) - AU 9.99 / US 9.99 / GBP 14.50
(the AU & US have more than 10 available, GBP has 8)

For those in the US, we know Body Central also sells them in their stores (can’t recall what color they come in though). If anyone else knows other places to find cheap lip crop tops, please share :)

* Currency converter. Prices do not include shipping. The eBay items ship internationally, and here is the shipping info for Windsor and Miss Rebel. Windosr and Miss Rebel are in English.

[4Minute] FOR MUZIK - metallic leggings

4minute MUZIK promotions - metallic leggings

4Minute sported shiny metallic leggings during their promotions for FOR MUZIK in the colors black, gold, and red. We found a few places you can buy some at:

A - Leggings, Black Metallic @ VIKTOR VIKTORIA - US 21.99
B - Leggings, Gold Metallic @ VIKTOR VIKTORIA - US 19.99
C - Leggings, Red Metallic @ VIKTOR VIKTORIA - US 21.99

D - The Wet Look Legging in Gold @ KARMALOOP - US 15.00

E - Black Leather Leggings @ GLITTER DIVAZUS 18.50
F - Gold Leggings @ GLITTER DIVAZ - US 18.50
- Red Shiny Liquid Leggings @ EVESCLOTHING - US 13.90

Viktor Viktoria has even more black and gold leggings we did not link to. Just check out their leggings section for more ;) And if you know of more places to get cheap metallic leggings, let us know :)

* Currency converter. Prices do not include shipping. We could not find the shipping policy for Eve’s Clothing to see what countries they ship to, but here is the shipping info for Viktor Viktoria, Karmaloop, and Glitter Divaz. All websites are in English.

Welcome to Cheap Kpop Style

Hello, welcome to Cheap KPop Style! This is a blog dedicated to finding cheap clothing that is similar to the fashion of Kpop idols. Kpop idols often wear super expensive designer clothes that your average kpop fan can’t afford, so we hope we can help even the poorest of kpop fans have a kpop-inspired wardrobe. We are not looking to find exact matches of the clothing, just things that are somehow similar and very affordable.

Our posts are tagged according to the Kpop group and member(s) as well as whatever concept it is (Yes, we are mainly doing CONCEPT outfits, not airport fashion or random photoshoots and whatnot) so you can easily look through the posts.

We would love to have user submitted styles, so don’t hesitate to send something in! If you want to submit a new outfit, or add more choices to one we already covered, please go to the submit fashion page to find out how.

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